Monday, February 23, 2015

31 Thoughts I Had During My First Symphony Experience

This weekend, a group of friends and I attended the Santa Fe Symphony. Having never gone to the symphony or experienced opera live, it was quite the experience. As I typically do, I had a running dialogue in my head during the entire show, and I'm sharing here for those of you who have never attended this type of performance, so you know what to expect. 

Inner dialogue went something like this:

1) I'm in a dress. I'm at the symphony. I'm grown up AND sophisticated. 

2) Why are we the only ones here under 85?

3) My friends are all listing the instruments they like most (and the ones some of them played). I'm intrigued by that large drum in the back. Does that count? 

4) Oh, good, we're starting. 

5) Powerful opening number. I like it. 

6) Oh no, there were no words to that one. Are there going to be no words in the entire thing? I remember that being my least favorite part about The Nutcracker.

7) That conductor is impressive. She is really energetic, and it's cool how she leads them all. I will like this. 

8) She's addressing the crowd now. She's got jokes. I do like this. 

9) Is that older gentleman sitting by the big drum asleep? I think he's asleep. I hope he doesn't have a part in this song. 

10) Oh hey, pretty lady in the dress. You're here to sing? AWESOME!  

11) WOW! I can't understand a word she's saying, but I'm totally into it. 

12) I see what they mean, you don't have to understand the words to feel the emotion of the song. I can get on board with this.

13) Oh, look. The words to the song are written in Italian and English in the program. Good, now I know what she is singing about, and it's really pretty.

14) If I need to understand the words, does that mean I'm not cultured enough to fully appreciate this?

15) They're singing something from "Pirates of Penzance." That totally makes me think of Julia Roberts' reaction to the opera in "Pretty Woman."

16) Now I'm giggling quietly.

17) Oh no, I'm Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." 

18) You can dress me up, but you can't take me anywhere.

19) This is actually pretty funny, and it's supposed to be comical. Cool. Now I don't have to feel bad about laughing. Everyone is laughing. Awesome. It's like comedy and culture collided. I like it. 

20) Onto a new song. She hit that high note like you wouldn't believe. I didn't know people could actually hit that note, and she's holding it. Impressive.

21) This reminds me of when Fiona sang to the bird in "Shrek" and it exploded. Uh oh, I'm chuckling again (this time not crowd-approved). Keep it together, or you're going to have another "Pretty Woman" moment. 

22) The older lady in front of me just shouted "Brava!" I think I'm off the hook for my chuckling. Phew, that was close. 

23) Intermission. Friends look at me to see how I'm doing. Do I look like I don't belong here, even to these guys? Ugh. 

24) Reassure them I'm enjoying it. I'm actually pretty moved by some of the performances, and I'm sincerely impressed with the talent.

25) Thoroughly enjoy all of the second half of the performance. 

26) Overture from "Romeo and Juliette" to finish off the show. Okay, I'm in. 

27) It's fiery, it's sad, it's intense. I'm enjoying it. 

28) Still enjoying this, but how long does this thing last? Not trying to be unappreciative, but I'm feeling less sophisticated all of the sudden. I'm flashing back to The Nutcracker....okay, that violin is really a beautiful sound, and they're all making wonderful music. 

29) Overture still playing. Don't fidget. Be sophisticated. Do it. Hold it together. You're a writer. You love classic literature. You've got enough culture in you to enjoy this. 

30) Performance is over. I can say I enjoyed that. Didn't really think that this beer and wings, sports and comedy girl would be fully on board, but it was a great experience. 

31) Friends tell me we should look into opera tickets over the summer. This should get interesting. 

Overall, it was a great experience, and there are some truly talented individuals. I think I'm going to brush up on some of my opera before we go next, though. Having said that, thanks guys for an incredible weekend! 

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