Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Summertime

Summer is an all-time favorite season for pretty much every kid. It's the time when school is out, and everyone gets to run a little wild and free. I think it's only when we start to get older that some of us start to adapt and like other seasons a little bit more. It may be the cold of winter, the beauty of the leaves in fall, or the blossoms of spring that make us change our minds, but some realize that, since we work all year long, the seasons mean other things to us in adulthood. 

I was always a lover of fall until the past couple of years, when I reverted back to my die-hard love for summer. I will fiercely defend my love for summer as the season of patios, porch swings, cold beer, tanning, long walks outside, etc. It's a beautiful time, the days are longer, and there seems to be a lighter feeling in the air. It suddenly becomes okay to eat things like popsicles again, to act like a child and run through a sprinkler, to wear that bathing suit you dreaded buying, whatever. Everything seems a little more okay in the summer. 

But, I have to say, this summer, I've been highly amused by the progression of summer from the viewpoint of an adulthood. 

Stage 1:  The sheer joy, and the rushing the seasons to change! It's getting warmer outside, and summer is coming. 

Even when we know it's too soon, we're ready!

Stage 2:  The preparation stage. It's time to get those summer clothes out, dusted off, and ready to go. Whether you go through a Monica and Ross checklist, sing "Be Prepared" to yourself in the Lion King voice, or simply make a mental note of what you need to get you ready, you do it gladly.

You just sang the song, didn't you?

Stage 3:  Self-loathing and shame. Should have started that "summer body" workout a little earlier in the year. 

So much shame...

Stage 4:  Acceptance. So what, you don't have the beach body, or even all the money necessary to go on all of your dream vacations. It'll still be awesome, because you're awesome–fabulous, even. Own it!

If you're ever short on confidence, channel your inner Karen Walker.

Stage 5:  Celebration. It's finally here. It's going to be the best time ever. You know it deep in your soul. It's your time to shine. 

Keep telling yourself that, kid. Know what's going to hold you back? Work. Responsibilities. Being inside all day, every day. That's what. Cue stage 6...

Stage 6:  Jealousy. Jealousy of everyone who isn't at work. That guy sitting at the patio table at the brewery down the street in the middle of the workday, we hate you (probably without reason). Those kids out of school on summer vacation, enjoy it while you can, punks. Everyone who is outside and hanging out right now, those of us inside an office have a bit of bitterness, but we also wonder how you made it happen. 

This is how we feel….

Because this is all we want...

Stage 7:  Bad decisions. It's summer. Much like when you were a kid, summer can be an excuse for just about anything. Saturday morning mimosas? Why not? It's summer. Staying up into the wee hours of the night on a weeknight? Not a big deal. It's summer. There really are no rules.
It's summer. Live with NO RAGRETS!

Regret nothing, because it's summer, and we can all partake in the childish reaction of blaming someone else! 

Stage 8:  Reliving childhood. Smores, sprinklers, popsicles, late nights, playing in a park. It's all acceptable no matter your age in the summer.

Summer is an adventure. Embrace it. Live it up.

Stage 9:  Sheer stupidity. An hour tanning on each side without any sunscreen won't hurt me. Yes, I know it's the most intense part of the day, and I know I basically live on the surface of the sun here in NM, but I'll be fine. (Hint:  that's going to hurt a bit). 

As you're slathering on that aloe like it's going out of style, think of this little guy....We've all been there, bro. 

Stage 10:  Joy all over again. None of the silliness matters. It's summer. The sun is shining, and there's a sweet simplicity about life. Go hop in a pool, go to a ball game, walk your dog, or just hang out with your friends around a patio table. The possibilities are endless. 

All in all, summer is a great time, and it's easily my favorite! After all, it's the season of rocking aviators, live music, cold beer, and interesting adventures. Regardless of which stage you may be in, go out and soak up some sun. You deserve it. 

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