Monday, December 30, 2013

2014: New Year, New Possibilities

It’s almost New Year’s time. That means, of course, it’s almost time for a “new you” or a “fresh start.” 

While I always kind of enjoy the thought of getting to start over, I’m taking a different approach this year, realizing that it’s not time for a new me. I’ll be entering 2014 in much the same fashion as I leave 2013, and, unfortunately, the year of baggage that I have earned will be following right behind me. Luckily, though, baggage can manifest itself into more positive things like "experience" and "wisdom." 

Not to say that I don’t appreciate the thought of starting over or of making self improvements. It’s simply that I have decided that I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of typical resolutions this year.

We might as well face it. I'm not exactly normal, so I'm not going to have normal resolutions. (I'm not knocking normal resolutions, just to be clear).

Instead of the “I want to lose 15 pounds,” “I want to work out every day,” “I want to start using coupons,” or “I want to let go of stress once and for all,” I’m adopting a looser approach—one that I might actually stick to, and one that I'm writing down so I can't conveniently forget on January 2nd. The truth of the matter is that I’m slightly rebellious, and if I tell myself I have to work out every day, I definitely won’t. (No one tells me what to do—not even my post-New Year idealistic self).

Nonetheless, I do think it’s important to set goals for the year, and since I’m in my 20s, I’ve decided mine should be about enjoying life. After all, resolutions are a lot like rules. They're more of suggestions.

Thoughts on how to make 2014 awesome:
  1. Go back to Vegas this year. I loved it, and life is too short not to have a good time!
  2. Buy fun pairs of shoes—not just the ones needed for work or working out.
  3. Learn to love a good scotch and keep it classy.
  4. Text less and enjoy the people around me more.
  5. Write at least one handwritten letter at some point in the year. I’ve got a year to figure out who gets it and what to say. (Would a post-it count? Things to ponder…)
  6. Try to take vitamins most of the time. Let’s face it, I’m kind of an overgrown child, and remembering daily is a hard task. We’ll settle for at least a few times a week at this point.
  7. Embrace the quirks of myself—and of others.
  8. Continue writing for fun and maybe for publication one day.
  9. I just realized that I never wear the color orange. Maybe I’ll give that a try. We’ll put it on the list and see. I also rarely wear purple and pink…we’ll see about those, too. Might as well branch out and buy some fun new clothes as well.
  10. Spoil my nieces and be a good aunt.
  11. Take more pictures with my parents, and remember to tell them that I appreciate them.
  12. Use the filter in my brain that says, “You probably shouldn’t say that,” at least 50% of the time, instead of my usual 15-25%.
  13. Plan ahead to make situations a little easier. For example, remember to eat before going to the grocery store in case it turns into a 2 hour excursion. That way, the mood can remain pleasant throughout said shopping excursion.
  14. Shop at more locally owned stores, because I love the unique flavor they bring to Albuquerque.
  15. Spend at least one day with no plans, doing whatever I feel like in a given moment—even if I happen to feel like having a Netflix binge.
  16. Play basketball with my brother more often. It’s our time to enjoy each other’s company, catch up on life, and have fun.
  17. Give hot yoga another try. It was equal parts glorious and disgusting the times I did it previously, and I think it deserves another shot.
  18. Don’t take turning 26 as hard as I took 25. Once the birthday was over, I realized that it really didn’t change anything about me, except that I now fearfully look for crow’s feet in the mirror each morning.
  19. Continue using the word “y’all,” and look the other way when I receive negative feedback for doing so. I worked on trying not to use it for a while, but I’m embracing it proudly. I was raised in the middle of nowhere with cattle, horses, boots, jeans, and country values. We say “y’all.” There’s no sense in fighting it.
  20. Last year, I got an expandable file folder to organize my important papers. But, after reviewing my list, I realize that I might should work on organizing my thoughts in 2014.
I think that’s about all I have planned for 2014, and even that is flexible. New Year’s shouldn’t be about criticizing ourselves and finding fault with all that we are—nor should it be about making a definite plan, mapped out with unrealistic expectations. 

Seriously, endless. You, too, could try wearing a new color. Think on it.

Above all, have a happy new year and enjoy life a little, my friends! 


  1. I see nothing on here about recreational sex. Although, that may fall under #12. Happy New Year Jamie! LOVE the blog!

  2. LOL I adore you, Sarah! And, yes it could go under #12!! :) Happy New Year!